Skiff Classic

Skiff Classic
  • Skiff Classic
  • Varenr.: Skiff Classic

The Classic is the perfect recreational rowing boat for introduction or training. It is resistant, easy to use, stable and affordable. Its sliding conditions are amazing. The boat is fitted with the traditional sliding seat and feet stretcher.


Recommended for introduction and training.



A sliding seat

A fixed wing rigger

Anbefalte årer(ikke med i prisen) 3 m (9.84 ft) oars (light aluminum alloy or carbon fibre)


Hull Polyethylene (roto-molded)
Length 4.80 m (15.75 ft)
Width 0.62 m (2.03 ft)
Height 0.35 m (1.15 ft)
Weight 30 kg (66.14 lbs)
  Designed for one rower



Open waters, lakes, recreation, physical activity and touring.


Our skiffs

Our skiffs are slim and fast boats that do not require a high degree of skill. Rivers, open waters or lakes will be perfect fields for our single rowing skiffs.

Wide enough to be stable but slim enough to be fast, these lightweight boats were also designed to fit easily on a car roof.

The skiff is single scull great for exercise, training, touring and affordable for people of all abilities. One hull - two options for rigging (classic sliding seat or "wing system") - Ideal for clubs or schools, they are stable and perfect for learning to row.

Rowing for fun, doing promenade close to the nature or daily exercise, you could take the most of that single rowing boat.

Three versions are available: The Classic, the Wing & the Light.

Hull Polyethylene, Rotomolded

Polyester, Fibreglass

Length 4.80 m (15.75 ft) 4.82 m (15.81 ft)
Width 0.62 m (2.03 ft) 0.65 m (2.13 ft)
Height 0.35 m (1.15 ft) 0.40 m (1.31 ft)
Weight 30 kg (66.14 lbs) 25 kg (55.12 lbs)


Physical activity or touring...

The CLASSIC: Robust, stable, maintenance-free and affordable. Here you have all the assets of the skiff from Virusboats. Designed for a single rower, it incorporates a traditional sliding seat and a fixed wing rigger. Made from polyethylene rotomolded, this boat is able to withstand all sorts of rough treatment. Reproducing the traditional rowing move, this boat is an ideal boat to teach beginner, great for serious training or just have fun.


Regarding the WING, the rower will use the innovative sliding wing called "Wing System". This system based on a sliding wing linked to the foot stretcher with a fixed seat brings to the rower the same technical move but with better performance. It is simple to use and slightly faster than the CLASSIC. Made of tough polyethylene, the hull does not fear knocks and bumps that could damage the fibreglass hull.


The LIGHT is a lightweight fibreglass boat using a sliding wing rigger attached to the foot stretcher. Added to this boat performance, its charming gel-coated hull gives it a nice aspect. The LIGHT is really beautiful with its molded seat within the hull. And it has a secret: the "wing system". It is a system based on the famous German "Roller skiff", banned from competition in the 80's due to the superiority over conventional sliding seats fitted to all racing craft. Available in white, other colors on demand.


All our skiffs are easily manhandle. In a few minutes they can be fitted on a car roof.