• Varenr.: YOLE D'ABOVILLE

The Yole d'Aboville was created in 1982 for Gérard d'Aboville, a French sailor, who wanted to promote open water rowing.


A few hundred boats were made in the 80s by Keltic Marine in Auray (56). The boat has a great stability and its beautiful design is very traditional.

Hull Polyester  
Length 4.95 m (16.24 ft)
Width 1.05 m (3.44 ft)
Height 0.53 m (1.74 ft)
Weight 60 kg (132.27 lbs)


The Yole 16 d´Aboville is made for 1 rower (sliding seat) with a passenger seat, molded in the hull.
The boat's great stability is thanks to its keel and the low centre of gravity.
The 160 cm span from pin to pin enables to use sports oars made of carbon, aluminum or wood so that rowers can use the full range of body movement and have an excellent work out.

Recommended for introduction and training.


fully equipped:
❚ Full rigging
❚ Sport oars
❚ Exists in white

Open waters and rivers