Columbia II 1958

Columbia II 1958
  • Varenr.: SMA - 32

Designed by Olin J. Stephens II, won the America's Cup in 1958 against Spectre, the Challenger

Size: 60cm L x 84cm Hgh Ref. SMA-32

Starting with lines of Vim, Olin Stephens designed a new boat, which gradually took shape on Bill Maurogianni's drawing board, after numerous comparison tests in the tank. In the selection trials, there was a close struggle between Vim and Columbia. The skipper Briggs Cunningham needed all his strength and all his vigilance to enable Columbia to snatch selection to defend the Cup. Already Olin Stephen's Twelve Meter science was half a second a mile ahead of Vim, and half minute ahead of Spectre, the Challenger.