Cutty Sark 1840

Cutty Sark 1840
  • Varenr.: SMH - 04

Three Masted Clipper Ship.

Size: 93 cm L x 61 cm Hgh Ref. SMH-04

The Clipper Ship era is unique and dynamic. This brief time from about 1840 to 1860 marked the first time in history that a merchant fleet sailed the world over with peaceful intent and practically unarmed. Designed by Hercules Linton and built by Scott & Linton at Dumbarton in 1869 as a composite built extreme clipper ship for "Old White Hat" Jock Willis of London at a cost of £ 21/ton. Her dimensions are 212'5"×36'0"×21'0" and tonnage 963 GRT, 921 NRT, and 892 tons under deck. She was built just as steam and the opening of the Suez Canal was making the need for sailing ships redundant. Cutty Sark was built at Dumbarton on the Clyde, England, in 1869 for the new traffic with the Far South East & Africa. Competition between the clipper ships was very famous.Cuty Sark was designed to beat Thermopylae, one of the best and finest clippers ever built. She has been at the Greenwich Museum since 1954.