Chris Craft Triple cockpit 1930

Chris Craft Triple cockpit 1930
  • Varenr.: SMM - 02

Classic Mahogany runabout belonging to the era of the Gold Cup Race.

Size: 66 cm L x 20 cm Hgh Ref. SMM-02

 In January of 1930 the Smiths introduced their most ambitious offerings to date, twenty-four models of boats ranging, their largest production craft yet. It was a clear signal to both consumers and the marine industry that Chris-Craft was not affected by widespreadrumors of impending disaster as a result of the crumbling American economy. "here they come",an article begins,"a long line of 24 new Chris-Craft - the largest and most complete motor boat spectacle ever presented. Indeed, no other manufacturer in the world could offer such diversity and value. The review of the 1930 Chris-Craft fleet in Motor Boating reveals the increased emphasis on the higher end of their fleet market. This beautiful 1930- 28' Runabout was one of first quality pleasure power boats that was affordable. But the truth be known...these boats flourished during Prohibition with the demand for speed in water transportation . The remote areas along waterways on the Great lakes, upstate New-York and the Eastern shore were havens for gin mills. Both bootleggers and the Law required fast efficient transportation to travel to out-of-the way areas.